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For all my English reading FedeFriends, here is Part 1 of my Case For Fediverse As An Environment For (Not Only) Polish Social Sector.
Machine translator at is doing a great job, and now I feel I can start publishing in English again without doubling my writing time :-)

Better network infrastructure for the social sector.
Communication, information and cooperation under social control.
Technical interoperability for social interoperability.

Part one:
How oligopolistic corpomedia works (using Facebook as an example)
and why the social sector needs to take action to create its own social networking
Also how Fediverse works and why it is a better environment for social initiatives.

Translated with (free version)
CC-BY-SA Petros Polonos & The Society For Mutual Aid

Your feedback will be appreciated as always. If you think this work can be useful as an educational aid, I will gladly make any adjustment you'd suggest and may it help others.

!Towarzystwo Pomocy Wzajemnej !Informacja techniczna Fediwersum !Fediverse

#fediverse #community #networking #education #advocacy #interoperability

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@Robert Dinse funny that in capitalism you will find them on the very top. Elon Musk included. I had my summer affair with Ayn Rand decades ago and I am not impressed anymore.
@Robert Dinse

Obviously, you missed out the plethora of non-statist non-capitalist ideas that exist and are occassionally tested around the globe (closest to you is probably Chiapas, Mexico). For starters, you may try to read Murray Bookchin & al. on social ecology or Starhawk & al. on social permaculture.
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