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Any Zot-centric discussion place here?

Due to my serious interest in using decentralised networks to develop #decentralised #society, I am looking for a place to discuss various aspects of #ZOT family (#Hubzilla, #Zap & #Osada ). From what I read on Git, they seem to form a nice triad that could become useful in the process I have in mind.

Zap and Osada do one thing (social networking) and do it well.
Use Osada if you want a really good ActivityPub server, and use Zap if you want or need nomadic identity and much stronger privacy than the fediverse can offer.
Use Hubzilla if you actually know what a ‘platform’ is and want to build something great (decentralised communities and cities with shoppes and businesses that all respect your freedom) rather than than just waste your life in idle chit-chat.

Anyone here interested in discussing this topic both from the technical and sociopolitical angle? Or do you know a place? My Mattermost is available if needed.

At we also have small test instances of Zap and Osada. Hubzilla is expected soon.

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