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Fucking awesome. Polish translation almost done.
#capitalism #democracy #ecocide #anarchism #technology
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reshared this.

Sustainable Fediverse -- crypto-anarchist perspective please?

I am refreshing my knowledge about various ways to make (and keep) a fediverse instance financially stable. Several years ago I was experimenting with browser-based crypto mining, and it seems that the technology is alive and kicking, if infamous.
There are also more "legitimate" projects, like -- this one assumes a mainstream level of regulation, from being formally submitted to W3C to relying explicitly on "legally regulated financial intermediaries". While I am no hypocrite (in this case) and I use payment cards myself, having only this option for me and my users makes me sad and unsatisfied.

Thus, my kind request: if you can point me to some interesting micropayment/microbarter solutions, better aligned with anarchist thinking, please do.

#anarchism #fediverse #monetization #crypto #cryptoanarchism
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I don't see any fundamental moral issues with any of them.

And stay this way. :-)

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