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Full name:
Petros Kanenas Outis Polonos

Member since:
2020-12-21 22:15:15

Poznań, Wielkopolskie, Poland

#solarpunk # głęboka # adaptacja # permakultura # społeczna # wszechkryzys # osk # fediwersum # netcommons

Mastodon (obsolete)


Website (legacy)


O mnie
cishet, he/him
Politically: non-binary fluid post-proletarian anarchoid
Radykalny oddolnik, kolapsnik i kooperatysta.
Poza tym nie do opisania...

I have the ability, and therefore the duty, to contribute to my own development, that of those associated with me, and that of the planet as a whole. Simultaneously and from now on!

I will create an independent action group that will make evolutionary breakthroughs on behalf of the planet and the beings that inhabit it. One planet, one life!

I will pass this idea on to others capable of organizing more groups of this kind.
In time, naturally, these groups will come together at ever higher levels of consciousness and effectiveness -- in defense of all sentient beings!

Remixed from:

Current quest
Mission: to build a strong support in the Polish environment for decentralised social networks of the Fediwersum standard.

War cry: technical interoperability for social interoperability!

Method: education, agitation, organisation, technology.

Aim: to free independent social initiatives from the oligopoly of the corporate media.

Tool: a platform cooperative controlled by social sector users.


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