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There is a marvellous function in Cryptpad, for example, letting people comment collectively on a text they read online. See the screenshot:

But if I want to allow people to comment in #Cryptpad, I am forced to allow them to edit text as well, which I do not want to. Anybody knows a self-hosted (preferably #Yunohost packaged) application providing such functionality? Ideally, combined with some online text repository (#Calibre-web alike)?

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maybe exporting the contents of the cryptpad to html and serving it statically would work? 🤔
@Kuba Orlik And how shall we serve collaborative comments?
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I thought that maybe the mentioned marvellous function in Cryptpad that lets people comment collectively on a text they read online could be useful here
can't tell if you're cynical or genuinely content rn :D
@Kuba Orlik
I can't even tell if we are talking about the same thing.
Unanchored comments, see?

In my mind I saw this very post of mine, being commented the "sidenote" way. Ofc, unanchored comments always available, but essentially this would encourage:
1. Longer and more meaningful posts.
2. Comments referring to specific parts of the text, instead of bumping around.
Does Cryptpad allow anchored comments in any scenario?

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